Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

We do not have an affiliate system, we have created the best compensation plan, transparent, safe and reliable, being able to benefit from 50% of sales revenue.

We are not a multilevel system, nor a ponzi scheme, nor a platform in which people enter with the hope of receiving high incomes and all their dreams dissolve in a few weeks or months, we do not have a binary system, we do not have global matrices , there are no ranges, nor will we give you diamonds, rolex or porsche, but we have something much better.

We try to be as transparent as possible from day one, so let us explain our new compensation plan, with which, above all, you can generate very good income with all our products, in a clear and transparent way.
50% of each product that you recommend to a friend, relative, acquaintance, etc. It will be your sales commission.

Everyone who wants to promote our products should place their BTC wallet in their back office in the profile section.

You should keep in mind that double accounts are not allowed under any circumstances, only one account is allowed per user and per ip, we have systems to detect fraudulent use of the system and double accounts, if it is the case that we detect that a user tries to deceive To the system, your account will be automatically locked along with your complete client portfolio.